Sunday, November 13, 2016

24 Oct 2016 - Upbeat week

Hey Family,

This week we started to really focus on the members and get them working in the missionary work. We had stake conference last weekend and it ended up being another one of those meetings like ''Hey members, we need to do our part in the missionary work and wake up and realize that its not all the missionaries job.'' I feel like they've said it a million times now..I'm hoping that one of these times its going to stick!! hahaha
Elder Christensen and I are trying to help the members have their own spiritual experiences and talk to their friends and family members, that's all! Just talk! hahaha it seems so simple, but little by little!!

I'm super happy all the time and its super funny cuz when I contact someone in the street they ask like ''why are you so up beat?'' and I say ''its cuz im going home in 21 days.....I mean, it's cuz the gospel has blessed me so much in my life...and...'' hahahahaha

This is SO CRAZY!!! I'll be home so soon!! 

So pumped! 
So we found a family in the ward and they have 2 kids of the ages of 10 and 12 and they've been attending church their whole life and they aren't members!!! its like WOW!! you arent member?....''you wanna be..?'' and they say  ''ok, yeah you can baptize whenever you want'' hahahahaa that was my favorite part!

Well, I love you guys.

Elder Padilla 😉

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