Tuesday, August 9, 2016

8 Aug 2016 - TOO HOT....

Family Padilla,

This week was NUUUUTTTTSSS!!!

So yesterday we had like Super Man laser vision level UV rays and the three wards that attend our building had to go at 8am.
The last 2 hours were cancelled and everyone went to their houses afterwards with the council to stay indoors until 5 or 6 in the
afternoon. So, our president told us to stay inside the houses, visit members, less actives, investigators...anything so that we weren't the in the street.

So, me and Elder Aleman had 2 baptisms and one was an 86 year old lady named Isaura whose missing her right leg. The other is named Enrique and hes 63 years old and is in a wheelchair. I'll send pictures but they're a little blurry haha. 

All the missionaries are going a little nuts right now because the word got out that we can drink soda now and the first thing me and my comp did was go to the ''Extra'' and buy some IBC root beers!!! BUUYAAHHHH!!!

I'm doing great but I'm getting tired..hahaha.

Love you guys, Elder Padilla

1 Aug 2016 - Reply to hearing Matt and Shelby are getting married


25 Jul 2016 - IBC

Sorry we gotta go. I don't have time to write. I love you so much!!! tell Luke to give me 16 more weeks and we'll go out for some IBC root beer!!

18 Jul 2016 - 17 Weeks...

Dear family,
First of all, yes, I totally remember going to Hill Cumorah with some dark skinned family. I remember climbing trees but not actually watching the pageant.
17 Weeks left!! Oh man its getting real.

So we had interchanges with some of the elders in our zone. I went with elder Garcia (Aka. Daddy) and my comp went with the district leader. I did the interview of their investigator that got baptized and this guy is nuts. He got both of his legs amputated and he bought an electric chair with wheels so that nobody would have to go get him for church. He has had a crazy life. Hes 65 and he wants to change. Hahaha, he took the Word of wisdom to heart and welded a pull-up bar to his wheelchair so he can do exercise every once and a while.

These weeks are flying. 
Gotta go!
Love you all

11 July 2016 - Transfers...

Dear Family,

Well, this week was week of transfers and because it was the first transfer from the new president we all had no idea what would happen. 

In our zone, we only had 3 transfers and theres 28 of us..so not much changed. I'm still here with Elder Aleman and we're having a lot of success. 

It was a little awkward the other day when we went for our investigator. Haha 
So we're teaching a woman, and her son. She's separated from her husband and is looking for a better life for her son. So we planned to go by and walk to a members house together to get a ride to church. We get to her house and knock like 40 times and nothing. So we left a little Jesus card on her door and went to leave. When we turned around to leave, a dude drives up on his motorcycle, walks up to the door, rips in half our card and walks in the house. hahaha. I literally busted out laughing when we threw it to the ground because it was SOOO unnecessary but anyways, 30 seconds later she walks up with her head down and walks in. He comes out and is like, ''CAN I HELP Y'ALL?'' And she says, ''Come back a little later...''auuughhhhh. Satan's trying to steal our investigators...hahaha

But yeah I'm thinking about buying a hat to shade the sun because I'm really getting cooked here. Right now its 99 but says ''feels like 106''.....cosy.:)

I'm super pumped right now and ready for these last 18 weeks of the mish! Crazy right?!!!

Love you guys!

4 Jul 2016 - Independance Day

I honestly forgot it was today, they do not give any indication here that there's an upcoming holiday!!! And even less when its an American holiday. 

The new president is super funny and both him and his wife have a ton of energy and are excited to work with us! 

I don't know why but I never have time to write you guys like I could before! 

Love you all! 

I'm loving the mission and Elder Aleman says hi!

27 Jun 2016 - New Mission President Myers

Dear family,
Well the new mission president got here today! We all wrote in our letters a big Welcome to the mission segment!! We're very excited about the arrival of President and Sister Myers!! We'll have our leadership meeting with them and the assistants on Wednesday!! Super pumped! 

Ha, so we had an interesting experience with a new investigator that we're teaching! So his name is Abelardo and he lives with his mom because he needed help with his drug problem and it was causing problems with his family. So we found him with his mom outside his house and began to teach! He went to church yesterday and is so ready to leave his past behind and turn a new page. He'll be baptized July 30, but we're thinking about putting the 23 because he's so ready, I'll keep you up to date!

Anyways we taught him and turns out 2 doors down lives a Christian church priest and apparently Abelardo's mom goes to his church and so I guess he felt threatened!! Haha So the 2nd lesson we go and he comes over to ''greet'' us. We knew from the beginning his intentions...He was just trying top mark his territory I guess but he comes over, mid lesson, and starts Bible bashing...But my comp is like a walking Bible and starts spanking and denying everything he says. It was pretty intense but at the end we invited him to read the Book or Mormon, gave him a copy and he said he'd pray and ask if it was true. 3rd time we go over, he saw us and ran. HAHAHAHA. Whatever, he was super weird...during their church services they play music and dance and run in circles...I'm glad we don't throw ourselves on the floor in our church...hahaha
Its cool to see the progress in the people you teach! 
We're super pumped for the families we're teaching!
One of our investigators is going to buy us hats!! WOOHOO!! 
Love you guys.
P.s. dont worry mom, I'm using sun screen!! 

20 Jun 2016 - Too busy... Do Ya Love ur neighbor???

Dear family,

this week was super duper dopey dope!!! 

I'm having lots of fun in the sun! We baptized the grandma of the family, Teresa, last Saturday but we don't have the picture..sowwy. I'll get it for next week!!

We had a zone activity and I taught them all ''Do you love your neighbor'' BOOYAH!!! SUPER FUN!!!
Don't have much time but I love you lots!!
Elder Padilla

13 Jun 2016 - Youth Temple Trip

Dear family,
This week was super baller!
To start, we had interchanges with the elders from the Mayo ward. I think I forgot to tell you guys but Elder Garcia, that trained me, is back in my same zone. So he came to my area and we worked together like old times!! He goes home in August!. Haha poor guy..
So about the new mission president, I honestly can't remember if I've mentioned anything about him to you guys but he gets here at the end of this month and he and his wife come from Utah. 
The week went by really fast but last Saturday was something really special. The two girls that got baptized were able to go on the stake youth temple trip to Hermosillo (its the closest temple to our stake). And the best part about it all was that on Sunday in Sacrament meeting they gave Lizbeth, the older one, the chance to bear her testimony about her first experience in the temple and wow!!! I'm so proud of her! 
I'm not gonna have the chance next week so...HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!! 

6 Jun 2016 - New members progress

Dear Family,

So these weeks have been super super exciting!! 
Inline image 1
This family is so great and the two girls are getting ready to go to the temple this next weekend!!!
We're working with the grandma right now and we're planning for this friday..fingers crossed!!!

It was pretty emotional and exciting to see the mom give her testimony yesterday!! I felt so proud to have been able to teach her and help make these covenants with Heavenly father!! 

I love you all and I'm so happy...A little trunky but alls good!!
Elder Padilla

30 May 2016 - Transfers

Dear Family!

We had transfers this week. I'm in the same area but my new comps name is Elder Aleman! He was already here in Obregon so it didn't take long for him to get to the area. 

Laura got baptized last saturday!!! Her daughter and niece are preparing to be baptized this Saturday that's coming up! There's a youth temple trip the 11 of June so it'll be perfect for them to get ready and be able to go with the other youth from the stake!

Our new mission president gets here at the endish of June! I'm sad to see President and Sister Munive leave but that's just how it goes!! 

I don't have the pictures of the baptism but when Elder Wahlstrom sends them, I'll email them to you guys!!!!
The mission is so HYPE right now!! I'm so happy with the work and the members in my area!!!! 

A lot happened in the week but the best part was ending the transfer with a baptism!!
Love you all!
I'm doing great!
Elder Padilla

23 May 2016 - BBQ

Dear family, 

Well this past week was super awesome once again!!! I'm just loving this area!!
Last week our attendance in the church was 193, this week it was 121. Dropped a ton, but the good news is is that our gospel principles class had every chair filled!

So the our 4 investigators that we're teaching week to the church again and are really loving it. They're really getting a lot of friends in the ward and that's helping a ton to help them progress. The relief society and young women's are doing a lot of activities and that's why this ward is so awesome I think!! AND, June 11 there's going to be a temple trip for the youth of our stake and so the young women leaders have already started working with their youngins to get them to take family names to the temple!! 

This Saturday the elders quorum is going to have a BBQ party and we got invited. They were all asking what each other could bring and we were like ''We'll bring the investigators!''.

Soooo, about the dressing and grooming guidelines, we haven't heard anything about our mission and our president hasn't given us permission as of right now to start with the sisters wearing pants, but as soon as we hear we'll be wippin out the RAY BANS!!! hahaha I hope we can! I'm so pumped right now...maybe with the switch of president we'll know..

So in Elders quorum we talked about  how we can treat our wives better and one of the other missionaries in the ward stood up and said ''It really makes me sad when we go over to eat at a members home and the wife is slaving away in the kitchen and we ask to help and she says no and her husband is just sitting there on the couch not doing anything.'' 

Anyways, Me and Elder Wahlstrom went to the Yaquis Baseball Stadium and took some pictures but the computer is being all weird so I'll send them as soon as possible. 

Love you all. 

Enjoy your week.

16 May 2016 - Spoke In Church, Doughnut Lesson

Dear family,

It was great to see all you guys the other week.
This week was pretty loco.
So pretty much all of our investigators that we've been teaching showed up at church this past Sunday!! We were so pumped. 2 families and a 24 year old college student!! I got to give a talk last Sunday too so that was super great to see them all from the pulpit. 
Hahahha so we went to gospel principles and I guess there was a super less active guy that hadn't been to church in a while and he decided to go and he totally bombed the entire class. in total there was about 10 or 11 investigators in the class and the topic was Faith in Jesus Christ. So he starts saying stuff like ''Was it faith that those terrorists had when they knocked down the twin towers?'' LIKE....BRO!!!! what the garbage man. We got nubbies in here that are trying to learn and you're throwing this stuff in their brains. Sooo the teacher tried his best but overall it was very interesting. 
But yeah we gave them a tour and they got really excited when they saw the baptismal font!!! BOOYAH!!!

So I had a pretty interesting experience this past Friday. We had a special meeting with president and me and my comp also had to give a training.. So the President Munive was talking about the Atonement and I'm pretty sure you guys have heard of this story about the teacher in the class teaching his students about the atonement and he makes one student do 5 push ups for every student whether they wanted the doughnut or not...yeah, well I was that student. I had to do 100 and I almost died. They had to call another down to help me do the other half cuz I got gassed. Super cool experience but my arms are still a little sore.

I love the mission and the people here. 

We're planning on baptizing a family of 4 this 28 of may!! fingers crossed!!!

hugs and kisses .
Elder Padilla

9 May 2016 - ALIVE

Still not dead...

Love you mom. 

Elder Padilla

2 May 2016 - Mothers Day

Dear Family,
I literally have no time to talk.
I love you guys tons and I'll see you guys sunday! 
Happy Birthday Luke, when I get back we'll have to take a spin. BUYAH!.

This week we found 4 famlies and they all want to get baptized. It'll take some work but we're so pumped!!
Elder Padilla