Tuesday, August 9, 2016

8 Aug 2016 - TOO HOT....

Family Padilla,

This week was NUUUUTTTTSSS!!!

So yesterday we had like Super Man laser vision level UV rays and the three wards that attend our building had to go at 8am.
The last 2 hours were cancelled and everyone went to their houses afterwards with the council to stay indoors until 5 or 6 in the
afternoon. So, our president told us to stay inside the houses, visit members, less actives, investigators...anything so that we weren't the in the street.

So, me and Elder Aleman had 2 baptisms and one was an 86 year old lady named Isaura whose missing her right leg. The other is named Enrique and hes 63 years old and is in a wheelchair. I'll send pictures but they're a little blurry haha. 

All the missionaries are going a little nuts right now because the word got out that we can drink soda now and the first thing me and my comp did was go to the ''Extra'' and buy some IBC root beers!!! BUUYAAHHHH!!!

I'm doing great but I'm getting tired..hahaha.

Love you guys, Elder Padilla

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