Tuesday, August 9, 2016

23 May 2016 - BBQ

Dear family, 

Well this past week was super awesome once again!!! I'm just loving this area!!
Last week our attendance in the church was 193, this week it was 121. Dropped a ton, but the good news is is that our gospel principles class had every chair filled!

So the our 4 investigators that we're teaching week to the church again and are really loving it. They're really getting a lot of friends in the ward and that's helping a ton to help them progress. The relief society and young women's are doing a lot of activities and that's why this ward is so awesome I think!! AND, June 11 there's going to be a temple trip for the youth of our stake and so the young women leaders have already started working with their youngins to get them to take family names to the temple!! 

This Saturday the elders quorum is going to have a BBQ party and we got invited. They were all asking what each other could bring and we were like ''We'll bring the investigators!''.

Soooo, about the dressing and grooming guidelines, we haven't heard anything about our mission and our president hasn't given us permission as of right now to start with the sisters wearing pants, but as soon as we hear we'll be wippin out the RAY BANS!!! hahaha I hope we can! I'm so pumped right now...maybe with the switch of president we'll know..

So in Elders quorum we talked about  how we can treat our wives better and one of the other missionaries in the ward stood up and said ''It really makes me sad when we go over to eat at a members home and the wife is slaving away in the kitchen and we ask to help and she says no and her husband is just sitting there on the couch not doing anything.'' 

Anyways, Me and Elder Wahlstrom went to the Yaquis Baseball Stadium and took some pictures but the computer is being all weird so I'll send them as soon as possible. 

Love you all. 

Enjoy your week.

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