Tuesday, August 9, 2016

27 Jun 2016 - New Mission President Myers

Dear family,
Well the new mission president got here today! We all wrote in our letters a big Welcome to the mission segment!! We're very excited about the arrival of President and Sister Myers!! We'll have our leadership meeting with them and the assistants on Wednesday!! Super pumped! 

Ha, so we had an interesting experience with a new investigator that we're teaching! So his name is Abelardo and he lives with his mom because he needed help with his drug problem and it was causing problems with his family. So we found him with his mom outside his house and began to teach! He went to church yesterday and is so ready to leave his past behind and turn a new page. He'll be baptized July 30, but we're thinking about putting the 23 because he's so ready, I'll keep you up to date!

Anyways we taught him and turns out 2 doors down lives a Christian church priest and apparently Abelardo's mom goes to his church and so I guess he felt threatened!! Haha So the 2nd lesson we go and he comes over to ''greet'' us. We knew from the beginning his intentions...He was just trying top mark his territory I guess but he comes over, mid lesson, and starts Bible bashing...But my comp is like a walking Bible and starts spanking and denying everything he says. It was pretty intense but at the end we invited him to read the Book or Mormon, gave him a copy and he said he'd pray and ask if it was true. 3rd time we go over, he saw us and ran. HAHAHAHA. Whatever, he was super weird...during their church services they play music and dance and run in circles...I'm glad we don't throw ourselves on the floor in our church...hahaha
Its cool to see the progress in the people you teach! 
We're super pumped for the families we're teaching!
One of our investigators is going to buy us hats!! WOOHOO!! 
Love you guys.
P.s. dont worry mom, I'm using sun screen!! 

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