Tuesday, August 9, 2016

11 July 2016 - Transfers...

Dear Family,

Well, this week was week of transfers and because it was the first transfer from the new president we all had no idea what would happen. 

In our zone, we only had 3 transfers and theres 28 of us..so not much changed. I'm still here with Elder Aleman and we're having a lot of success. 

It was a little awkward the other day when we went for our investigator. Haha 
So we're teaching a woman, and her son. She's separated from her husband and is looking for a better life for her son. So we planned to go by and walk to a members house together to get a ride to church. We get to her house and knock like 40 times and nothing. So we left a little Jesus card on her door and went to leave. When we turned around to leave, a dude drives up on his motorcycle, walks up to the door, rips in half our card and walks in the house. hahaha. I literally busted out laughing when we threw it to the ground because it was SOOO unnecessary but anyways, 30 seconds later she walks up with her head down and walks in. He comes out and is like, ''CAN I HELP Y'ALL?'' And she says, ''Come back a little later...''auuughhhhh. Satan's trying to steal our investigators...hahaha

But yeah I'm thinking about buying a hat to shade the sun because I'm really getting cooked here. Right now its 99 but says ''feels like 106''.....cosy.:)

I'm super pumped right now and ready for these last 18 weeks of the mish! Crazy right?!!!

Love you guys!

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