Wednesday, August 19, 2015

16 Aug 2015 - Satan's valley

Dear Family,

How are you guys? Luke, word on the street is you're taller than Robert Parry. Nice. 

So my comp is super funny. Turns out that he's seen just about every episode of Regular Show, so when we're walking in the street we're always quoting from episodes we've seen. haha oh yeah and when we found that family of 7 we were walking home and Elder Guardado said, ''hey man, guess what?'' and I said ''what?'' he said, '' we're gonna slam dunk 7 at the same time'' and then we both said OOOOHHHHHHHH. (like mordikai and rigby) hahaha

But yeah this week tambien was super nuts because we found another family that wants to go for a swim. This Thursday we'll set the date but my comp and I are super psyched because the joven tiene 15 años y estaba preguntando los requisitos para ir a un misión.

Ah man, I feel like a mailman. So there's a colony in our area named beautiful valley. It should be called, ''We let our dogs loose and then they bite missionaries in the leg because of no good reason.'' 

I was super bummed. We were looking for an address and out of no where this dog bolts out from under the car and barks once and then goes in for my calf. It was super weird because normally they bark a few times to warn you that ''hey I live here and would you please get off my property'', but it barked once and said '' well, goodbye Elder Padilla.'' 

Every time we head for this colony now , we call it Satan's valley. haha. 
Well, this week was super great and I hope for more.
Hope all is well in Virginia.

Luke, stay short.
Mom, stay sweet.
Dad, stay bishop. 
Mexico rocks.
Love you guys a ton.
Elder Padilla

Dog Bite


10 Aug 2015 - Crazy week...

Dearest Family,

This was the craziest week!
Maybe it wasn´t crazy but it was a really great week. 

Yesterday was one of those, ''trial of your faith, type of days. 

We'd walked a ton and appointment after appointment got canceled and no one showed up to church. I'm still learning the area but I could tell that my comp was running out of ideas. 

We went to the house of the counselor of the stake president and he drove us to some of his neighbors that he thought would be interested but, still nothing.
So it was 8:45ish and our house is a good 30min walk away, so we started to head back when we saw one of our investigators sitting outside her house with her friend. So we walk up and asked if we can share a mensaje. They said yes, we walked in the house and inside was another 5 or 6 people sitting down, talking to one another.

So we entered and the room gets super quiet. We put our bags down and begin to talk about baptism. the spirit was so strong and all 7 of them accepted to be baptized. It was so awesome!!
I think one of the hardest things is learning to trust in the Lord. You can read and study all day long, but if you don't practice in the field the things you learn in your studies there's no value in the studies. And its sad because in our studies the Lord reveals to us Exactly what pure investigators need to hear, we just need to have the faith and confidence in the Lord that He'll be there testifying of our words.
I really enjoy teaching people and its now becoming something that I want to do instead of looking at it as something i have to do. 

My area has a ton of potential and I think that this week we just barely cracked the surface!

Love you guys!
Elder Padilla 

4 Aug 2015 - Too much bus... Guamúchil

Hey family,

Sorry for not writing, I as in a bus for 6 hours yesterday because we had transfers. I got shipped to the lowest area in the mission, Guamúchil!!! 

I´m district leader down here and my comp is so great!! The people here have a lot of money and I saw like 10 challengers, 10 mustangs and a few chargers. My companion, Elder Guardado said that its pretty normal to see Ferrari's here. Our house is on the second floor of this mansion type house and its pretty cool. We have a baptism today at 11am so we're pretty psyched. 

I heard that the members here really love to work with the missionaries so I'm pretty pumped for that.
haha so we were in the baptismal font yesterday cleaning with the secretary of the ward when he got a call from one of the counselors of the bishop saying that neither one of the counselors will be there in the ward this Sunday because they'll be gone for vacciones and the bishop is in Utah visiting family. sweet. 

All is good and I'm loving the mission!!! 

Sé que vive mi Señor.

Elder Padilla