Wednesday, August 19, 2015

10 Aug 2015 - Crazy week...

Dearest Family,

This was the craziest week!
Maybe it wasn´t crazy but it was a really great week. 

Yesterday was one of those, ''trial of your faith, type of days. 

We'd walked a ton and appointment after appointment got canceled and no one showed up to church. I'm still learning the area but I could tell that my comp was running out of ideas. 

We went to the house of the counselor of the stake president and he drove us to some of his neighbors that he thought would be interested but, still nothing.
So it was 8:45ish and our house is a good 30min walk away, so we started to head back when we saw one of our investigators sitting outside her house with her friend. So we walk up and asked if we can share a mensaje. They said yes, we walked in the house and inside was another 5 or 6 people sitting down, talking to one another.

So we entered and the room gets super quiet. We put our bags down and begin to talk about baptism. the spirit was so strong and all 7 of them accepted to be baptized. It was so awesome!!
I think one of the hardest things is learning to trust in the Lord. You can read and study all day long, but if you don't practice in the field the things you learn in your studies there's no value in the studies. And its sad because in our studies the Lord reveals to us Exactly what pure investigators need to hear, we just need to have the faith and confidence in the Lord that He'll be there testifying of our words.
I really enjoy teaching people and its now becoming something that I want to do instead of looking at it as something i have to do. 

My area has a ton of potential and I think that this week we just barely cracked the surface!

Love you guys!
Elder Padilla 

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