Wednesday, August 19, 2015

16 Aug 2015 - Satan's valley

Dear Family,

How are you guys? Luke, word on the street is you're taller than Robert Parry. Nice. 

So my comp is super funny. Turns out that he's seen just about every episode of Regular Show, so when we're walking in the street we're always quoting from episodes we've seen. haha oh yeah and when we found that family of 7 we were walking home and Elder Guardado said, ''hey man, guess what?'' and I said ''what?'' he said, '' we're gonna slam dunk 7 at the same time'' and then we both said OOOOHHHHHHHH. (like mordikai and rigby) hahaha

But yeah this week tambien was super nuts because we found another family that wants to go for a swim. This Thursday we'll set the date but my comp and I are super psyched because the joven tiene 15 años y estaba preguntando los requisitos para ir a un misión.

Ah man, I feel like a mailman. So there's a colony in our area named beautiful valley. It should be called, ''We let our dogs loose and then they bite missionaries in the leg because of no good reason.'' 

I was super bummed. We were looking for an address and out of no where this dog bolts out from under the car and barks once and then goes in for my calf. It was super weird because normally they bark a few times to warn you that ''hey I live here and would you please get off my property'', but it barked once and said '' well, goodbye Elder Padilla.'' 

Every time we head for this colony now , we call it Satan's valley. haha. 
Well, this week was super great and I hope for more.
Hope all is well in Virginia.

Luke, stay short.
Mom, stay sweet.
Dad, stay bishop. 
Mexico rocks.
Love you guys a ton.
Elder Padilla

Dog Bite


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