Wednesday, August 19, 2015

4 Aug 2015 - Too much bus... Guamúchil

Hey family,

Sorry for not writing, I as in a bus for 6 hours yesterday because we had transfers. I got shipped to the lowest area in the mission, Guamúchil!!! 

I´m district leader down here and my comp is so great!! The people here have a lot of money and I saw like 10 challengers, 10 mustangs and a few chargers. My companion, Elder Guardado said that its pretty normal to see Ferrari's here. Our house is on the second floor of this mansion type house and its pretty cool. We have a baptism today at 11am so we're pretty psyched. 

I heard that the members here really love to work with the missionaries so I'm pretty pumped for that.
haha so we were in the baptismal font yesterday cleaning with the secretary of the ward when he got a call from one of the counselors of the bishop saying that neither one of the counselors will be there in the ward this Sunday because they'll be gone for vacciones and the bishop is in Utah visiting family. sweet. 

All is good and I'm loving the mission!!! 

Sé que vive mi Señor.

Elder Padilla

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