Monday, October 24, 2016

15 Aug 2016 - Greatest Week

Dear family, 
This was probably the greatest week of my mission life. It went by super fast but we were just having a blast with all the people we teach. So I told my comp, Elder Aleman, the other day that ''Hey man, I'm getting a little tired we gotta do something fun or switch things up a bit so that we're not walking so much in the heat.'' So every lesson we go to, whether it be, investigator, member, less active, We Play that ''Spot It'' game.!! And that thing works like a Charm!! Its wakes everyone up, makes them all pay attention, its easier to invite the whole family to listen, and whoever losses has to say the opening prayer, Its a dime piece and we've been having a lot of fun and success! 

Today we went bowling again as a zone because we've been working hard and this Friday we're going to go to the hospital in the morning and hand out free ''bread and chocolate milk'' to the people outside and sing hymns and track a little bit!!!
Super pumped for that!

A few weeks ago the word got out about the soda rule. We can now drink soda and so what I did when I had exchanges with one of the district leaders in my zone was that we had a total Bro fest! I'll send the picture, it was LEGENDARY!!

Love you all, yes it is very hot here and yes mom, I am wearing my sun screen.

IBC Root Beer!!!

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