Monday, October 24, 2016

4 Oct 2016 - Still in Guamuchil

Dear Family,

Well it's my last transfer. I'm still in Guamuchil, still district leader but now I'm training. His name is Elder Christensen and he's from Salt Lake City, Utah! He's super great and ready to learn! He also knows a ton of spanish so that helps!

So I had to go to Obregon to pick him up and they didn't want us traveling late so we stayed the night with elders and so that's why we haven't had the chance until now to write...yeah, I'm pretty tired..but really pumped.

This week will be really fun and we're gonna work like monkeys to get this ward back on their feet!

Don't remember everything that happened this week but what I do know is that 5 more Mondays and I'm home with lukey bear.

The conference was the bomb diggity and I watched half in Spanish and half in English...I'm sorry but it's so much better in English.!

Love you guys!

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