Monday, October 24, 2016

26 Sep 2016 - Another Great Week

Dear Family, 

This week was another killer week!
Got invited to a meeting in Los Mochis and gave a few words about being a leader. 
Then went to an area in my district called Angostura and we went to the ''playa Colorada''.....the beach.
That's what its called, there's only a little cove that they use to fish but we got to help scrape the scales off fish and I totally opened up my hand because nobody told me that the fins on these fish have pokey guys.

So my district and I have been working really well together, we've been baptizing every week that we've been together and it doesn't look like we'll be stopping for a while!! Super Stoked to be with these guys, and girls, everyone really is putting in their part and it helps a lot!!!

I'll try to send pictures...

have a great week!

What if I told you guys that I don't want to come home and that I want to stay in the mission....HAHAHAHA kidding. no mom, you were not mistaken, 50 and counting....Im ready. 

Love you guys! So pumped!
Elder Padilla

Maria and Miguel.
(Mary and Michael)

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