Monday, February 2, 2015

2 Feb 2015 - Spanish Firsts

Dear Family,

Oh what a week I've had! We had so many meetings this week (at least one a day excluding Wednesday) and I'm just glad it's over to be honest! Sometimes I feel like the amount of meetings we have interferes with the amount of work we're able to accomplish!

Exciting news though! Me and Elder Garcia had our first baptism this past Saturday! His name is Juan Diego and our bishop got the pleasure of baptizing him! He's really strong in this gospel and I really believe that because we've had members fellow-shipping him early (even before he was baptized) he's been able to become more and more comfortable coming to church and really contributing to the ward! He was confirmed by Elder Garcia in Sacrament meeting yesterday and standing in the circle was so cool and the spirit was so strong!
Baptism Whoo!

But yeah as I said many meetings, baptism, more meetings. Me and Elder Garcia were trying to beat our mission record this past week of ''the number of new investigators in one week''. We set it at 17 but this past week we only got 16, so close haha but yeah, finding and teaching families is the best!

There was a lot of ''firsts'' for me this week, including first baptism, last Sunday I got to bless the sacrament the first time in Spanish and also gave my first blessing in Spanish! The blessing was way cool because it was our first time ever meeting this lady and her niece. We'd just finished our last lesson with Juan Diego and we had only walked about 100 feet and Elder Garcia said, ''Hey lets knock his neighbor's door'' so we did and they invited us in and we had a great lesson and the spirit was so strong!!! 

So it doesn't rain here very often and i actually spoke with an Elder, Elder Ortega (district leader), and he said it hasn't rained here for about 8 months. sooooo I guess we were over due becuase its rained almost every day this week. One day it was really sunny but the rest of the week was downpour! Those giant rain boots that everyone has been laughing at me for having are now laughing in all the faces of those whose socks are soaked, so there! But yeah they're actually pretty comfortable after a while and they keep my feet room temperature, always a perk.

On Friday, every gringo and his/her companion got to go to Obregón for a special meeting for new, white missionaries! We met with Presidente and Hermana Munive and the assistants to the president and we talked about our progress in the mission so far. We say videos from the district and practiced teaching each other. Each group of 4 had a leader of some sorts evaluate the teaching and of course the one for our group was the mission president himself and Elder Garcia and I were assigned to teach Ley de Castidad. WHOO! haha na it was great, we work well together and can pretty much finish each others sentences. So helpful though!

Because last Sunday was fast and open mic night meeting, there was many who bore their.....thoughts. It was nice but a little strange. There's an investigator that comes to our ward every Sunday. Nobody really knows him and hes tall, skinny and Elder Garcia and I are 99 percent sure he comes to church stoned. I guess we all have our agency. He also asks people for their names, and then he would write it down on the inside of the Book of Mormon I gave him and then he'd walk away. Hahaha! Hes great though.

But yeah, I'm doing great, mission is great, the food is great, the work is great! 
Love you Guys!

Elder Padilla numero tres.    

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