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26 Jan 2015 - Candle Water??

Hola familia,

This week was way sweet, I'm trying to decide where to begin, oh wait I know exactly where to begin. 
So we had our first interview with the president this past week and it was way sick, it wasn't even really an interview, more of a chat on how you and your companion are getting along or any problems you may be having. So yeah apparently me and Elder Garcia set the record for the mission for having the most new investigators in one week, 17.  Was so great to hear that all this work is being noticed by someone, but I'm sure Heavenly Father appreciates it the most.  This work is so crazy and great and really pumps me up!! On Wednesday I was super tired for some reason (and not because I went to bed late haha) but yeah as soon as we started contacting people on the street I started to ''wake up'' I'm not exactly sure how it works but I just had so much more energy and had a burning desire to share this message.  Every morning we pray as a companionship to be able to find others to share this gospel with and everyday we are blessed with opportunities, no matter how strange the circumstance, they come. 

So pretty much every weekend is a party here and they have a pre-party on Friday night to get ready for Saturday I guess, anyways me and Elder Garcia were on our way back to the house, it was about 8:45ish and this barracho stopped us in the street.  Its a rule not to teach them because they're not themselves when they're under the influence but this guy literally wouldn't let us leave so we spoke with him, I was trying so hard not to laugh because not even my Mexican companion could understand what he was saying.  We found out his name was Jesus and wrote down his name and where he lives.  I don't maybe we'll go and visit him in the next life or something. Haha or during the week when él tiene su cerebro.  But yeah also we had lunch at a member's home yesterday and in Mexico they have this drink that everyone calls, agua, but let me stand as a witness before the court to testify that it is most definitely not agua.  Agua is clear and puro and i shower with it and I think Ive seen it once or twice and remember what it looks like and tastes like. This stuff is a mix of water and milky powder and honestly tastes like a melted candle.  It has a very nice smell, like a candle but it tastes, well, like a candle. Earlier in the week during companion study Elder Garcia showed me a scripture in Lucas 10:16. So during the meal when no one was looking I asked Elder Garcia if he wanted my ''agua'' and his response to me was mas o menos, ''Elder remember the scripture? Don't you want to be exactly obedient?'' ahhhhhh so I downed it real quick and can now say that I've had the most exotic drink on my mission, its called ''the candle''. 
Man I love this mission though, I forgot to take a picture with one this week, but I literally see horses and stray dogs in the streets all the time, some times there's more dogs on the streets than people. This isn't why i love my mission but its something fun about it.  I love this mission because this where I was called by Heavenly Father to serve.  This is where He needs me, so this is where I'll be for the next two years of my life.  It's kinda cliche but it's so true and I'm never afraid to share this testimony with people I meet.  I love this gospel and the person it's turning me into.  
One of the nights this week, we got to see the video of John Tanner, who became the chief financial backer of the Kurtland Temple.  His great, great grandson is in this same mission! Small world.
Thursday night we had dinner at a member's home.  The grandmother that is the mother of the mom of the family lives with the family and she is less active and we were able to teach her but probably one of the craziest stories I've ever heard from a primary source was when the mom of the family told me and Elder Garcia about the time she went to the spirit world. Its a very sacred experience so I wont share the details but the things she said just blew my mind and her testimony of family just hit me like a truck! 
Speaking of blowing minds, I started to read Jesus the Christ, got 3 pages in and my head exploded! ha, soooo much doctrine and just things that are, not necessarily new, but are just different ways of thinking or seeing an event at a different perspective.  I'm hoping to finish it by the end of my mission along with the bible.
I hope all is well in the land of the free!

I'm healthy and well, thanks mom.
Love you guys,

Elder Padilla the third.

If this picture doesn't inspire you to go do some missionary work I don't know what will

Found the entrance of the Free masons, who knew they'd be hiding in Mexico?

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