Tuesday, January 20, 2015

19 Jan 2015 - Another Great Week

Querido Familia,
Este semana pasado fue muy bien. Solo en este semana pasado, Elder Garcia y yo hemos recibido nueve investigadores nuevos! Hay muchas otras iglesias aquí y algunos son muy extraño. Elder y yo estaremos caminando y oír gritar desde el interior de una iglesia. Parece que todo fin de semana es una vacación, porque hay mucha música fuerte y todo la gente en la calle bailando o cantando. Es cómico a ver pero un situación horrible para enseñando. La comida es todavía muy bien y tenemos un bautismo este semana, estoy entusiasmado! Su nombre es Juan Diego y nuestro 'ultimo con él hemos invitado su mama a unirse a nosotros, Su madre es ahora preparando a ser bautizado próximo mes!La mano del Señor es tan evidente si dejas y cuente sus bendiciones . Así que muchos milagros suceden cada día y que son fáciles de ver cuando reflexionas sobre tu día y recordar el éxito de cada desafío.

Church is so great, our Elder's quorum leader is fairly young but defiantly knows what he's saying! Sunday's our my favorite and least favorite day of the week. Favorite in the sense that we get to see our investigators in church and take the sacrament and reflect on our week, but its the worst time for teaching. Its not that people aren't home, they just don't want to listen. It's frustrating at times but every time I want to stop I remember who I represent 24/7. 

A ton happened this week! I wish I could remember every detail!
Oh yeah, had my first comp exchange and it happened almost exaclty as I thought it would. My trainer, who is a fluent Mexican, got traded with another Mexican, who happens to be the district leader. And I got his companion who is another white american who has only been out 6 weeks more than me. So the two of us decided that that day was either going to be horrible or glorious and oh, let me tell you, it was glorious! I'm pretty sure it was a test for us because we're both fairly new, but yeah we had a ton of contacts on the street and set up some lessons for later that week! We were his area, Elder Hilton, so because he was new he was lost  50 percent of the time and because it wasnt my area i was lost the whole time!
It ended up being one of the best days on my mission!

I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it was restored through a prophet of God!
I love sharing my testimony with others and seeing the change in their lives!
Something that Elder Garcia and I always say to new investigators is not to believe in our words becuase we're not perfect but to believe in the words of Jesus Christ because he is and always has been!
This mission is already starting to fly, but it seems like everything that I'm asked to do or be as a missionary, isn't anything new, thanks mom and dad, i really feel like you guys prepared me for this new way of life. 
I hope all is well and that Luke eventually goes to school and gets an education.

Love you guys,
Your third Elder Padilla

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