Monday, January 5, 2015

1 Jan 2015- Happy New Year

Feliz Año Nuevo!!!
Este semana pasada fue so great!!!
I got my flight plans ir a Obregón en Martes y estoy muy feliz y listo!
This week was full of goodbyes and hellos!
Goodbye to our zone leaders y uno de los districtos en nuestro zone salir a Estados Unidos!
I miss them but I only have 4 días más until I leave!
As the older district we, as a class, got to teach the newer guys or the ''más verdes'' and it was so cool because sometimes you don't get to see the fruits of your labors but after I taught Elder Gibson he told me that he wanted to be as fluent as I am by week 6, and that really hit me and made me think about all the progress I've made while aquí en el CCM!

Our district took group pictures for the ''goodbye ceremony'' that the president does for leaving missionaries every Sunday and while we were waiting I was dancing, appropriately, to some music I could hear outside the walls of the CCM and Hermana Jones, one of the mission president counselor's wife came up to me and said '' Well, I hope you can pray as well as you can dance'' and I got volunteered to say the pray at the devotional on Sunday! Yes! 
But yeah, today Elder Afualo and I had to pack and weigh our bags for the flight and both of his bags weighed 52ish pounds, hahahahaha! 

Yes I received the picture from Dad and that's soooo cool!! That tie has been to Mexico and back and I guess wanted more? He's a brave one.
The family looks great and Luke is wearing my shirts I see. ahhhh yesss the old, '' Wait til he leaves on his mission then wear his clothes trick, not bad.''
Thanks for Matt's email, i guess I'll just use google translate until the Spanish comes along......then I'll use it again to translate the Spanish to Brazilian.
So during one of our devotionals with the new soon to be CCM President, he spoke about the power of prayer and specifically the power of specific prayer.
He told a story about when he was being called to be a general authority but he wasn't married yet, and he needed to get married and how he had a specific window of time to get married or else, I guess!! hahaha
So he prayed that he would find someone that wanted to marry him and turns out a new family moved to the ward and so to make a long story short, ''I made my move''
hahahaha and he wrote her a 30 some odd paper about why she should marry him and I guess it worked!!!! Some women like romance and some women like reading. 
But anyways the moral of the story was not to be commanded in all things but that when we need, not want, but need things in our lives and we give God our game plan He will ''consecrate thy performance''
So i tried it out the next day at breakfast. They gave us french toast but they'd ran out of syrup and so I prayed that by the time I had finished my peanut butter sandwich, they would restock their syrup.
didn't happen.
But today for breakfast we had pancakes and wouldn't ya know it, there was syrup upon the land once again. Balance restored and I thought of the scripture that says ''for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.'' 
I appreciate the scriptures more and more now, now that I've been able to apply them to my life now and then.
Now that it's a new Year I've started to reflect on 2014 and realize how far I've come from then. Seems like only yesterday ha, and the more and more I think about it the less I think of ''how much I've grown'' to ''how much the Lord has blessed me with opportunities to grow through the experiences I've had!''
Its so great to be serving in this time and I know that I'm here on the Lord's time and I'm going to try as hard as I can to make Him proud of how I've spent it.
It helps me to know that i have a loving Heavenly Father who gives me a family like you guys to set me on the right path for my life and to guide me in my years of learning. Thanks Mom and Dad, love you guys!
I know my Redeemer lives and I know that families can be together forever. I know Joseph Smith saw God the Eternal Father and Jesus Christ and I know through him all of the everlasting gospel was restored upon the Earth! 
In an Elder Holland general conference talk he spoke about missionary work and he said, ''missionaries are not called to fail. they are called to succeed.'' and I know that God sends the Holy Ghost to bring authority and light to our words!!!
I love this work and the way my life has changed because of it!
I love you guys!
Until Next time. your favorite Mexican.
Elder Padilla. 

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