Tuesday, January 20, 2015

6 Jan 2015 - First time from Mission

Just checking in for the first time in the field.
I left the mission home about 2 hours ago and now in an internet cafe with my comp, Elder Garcia!
He's so great!
He's like the Mexican version of me and I can tell that this is going to a great compañerismo!!!
Obregón es muy bonita y los personas son muy amigables!!!
The weather is perfect and I can't wait to start teaching others!!
I set una meta con Elder Garcia que este primera semana bautizaremos 20 personas!
mis dedos son crusadas!

The mission president, Presidente Munive, is so great and very friendly!

Now that i'm out on a mission, it's really been beat into me how important it is that the members help the missionaries with the process of conversion. So Mom, Dad, Luke. I challenge you guys to pray and try to find one person this week that you can refer to the missionaries, because we can't do it on our own. Let the missionaries know on sunday and I know that when we pray for specific things, with sincerity and a righteous deseo, God will bless us with opportunities to act! 
ok, no tengo mucho tiempo pero les amo!!!
Elder Padilla

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