Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5 Jan 2015 - Today's the day

Hey, hey!
Today is the day!
The MTC is letting us email the day we get sent to the field and my time has come!
So crazy how fast days went by here but I'm so psyched to get out there, 
oh and whoever said Mexico doesn't get cold, sits on a throne of lies.

I honestly can't wait to get outta here, this place is starting to feel like a prison!
And I can't wait to get to the airport and eat some good ol' McDonald's.
The flight takes off at 5:25p.m.
I know I've been so blessed in my life and I can see the Hand of the Lord in my life.
This week has been incredible and I don't trade these memories and experiences I've made for the world.
Love you all!
Elder Padilla

Our farewell pictures. If you're wondering why my neck is scrunched up is because the collar on the shirt was super loose......I mean, I'm huge so that's why.

another pic from the temple

This is me with the legendary Elder Yela, Arguably my favorite Latino! he converted three years ago and he's so great!

We tried. 

Fire in the sky.

This is my  teacher, hes so crazy

The GQ photoshoot. Me and the roommates. 

The newly called zone leaders. The one on my left is from Toronto! 

The coolest guy ever right here, he's from Brazil. He's into american rock bands like AC/DC hahahha so cool

These guys crack me up and the one on my right reminds me of John Walker.

Got a picture with Sister Harris' niece! 

President Pratt! aka Grandpa Padilla, Doing our going away presentation! 

Everyone who leaves today. try to find me.

Me on the third floor of our apartment complex. without the flash, I promise I'm not in front of a green screen

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