Tuesday, January 20, 2015

12 Jan 2015 - What a week

Dear Family,
All is well in Mexico, including the air quality!
So yeah a ton has gone on and I'll try to fit it all in one email!
My comp, Elder Garcia, is so great and me and him are bonding so well!
He's from ciudad de Mexico, and he turns 20 próximo mes en febrero. 
He's trying to learn English and I'm trying to learn Spanish, we're perfect teachers for eachother!!!
Had my first official street contact yesterday on the bus on our way to church!!! His name is Louis and turns out he lives like 4 houses down from us!! Esta obra es loco pero, me encanta!! 
So yeah nuestro barrio is full of great members but it's sad because there's less than 100 members and none of ur investigators came, 0 for 4. But I know when we're exactly obedient, as missionaries, miracles are brought to pass.
Speaking of miracles, my language, as far as understanding things, is muy bien! 
I'm starting to understand a ton better and that's why yesterday (sunday) was my first ''official street contact'' porque i could understand todos de los palabras de él!!! Fue excellente!!!
But like I, tenemos como...12 investigadores y teaching them es guardando us busy.
Our apartamento is just us two. Its pretty chill! Except la ducha es muy chafa!
Tenemos que boil the water and then use that water to shower. Hhah and our beds....lets just say, if you sit up in the bed, ur already in the kitchen! 
Its sweet living on our own though! We both are pretty neat people so the house cleaning isn't a problem.
ha the other day we bought some weights just cuz. but we use them everyday so esta bien!
Cada día tenemos cena y desayuno solo entre nosotros, pero la comida(lunch) es usualmente con un miembro, pero no en P day, lunes. 
We don't really cook food unless pouring cereal into a bowl with milk counts as cooking. oh wait, we do makepeanut butter sandwhiches some times!!
The food down here is some of the best food i've ever had, sorry mom, still love you!
The weather down here is incredible, I love it!!!
Always sunny and always warm, pero los miembre dicen me, ''espera para verano''
The temperatures in the summer apparently are like 110+. hahah no bueno!
BUt yeah im jujst gald its warm down here!
The people on the streets are really friendly, alil too friendly at times! Pretty muh cada fin de semana, hay es cerveza y fiestas y los borrachos come up to us and try to preach to us hahahahaha!! we're like, uhhh Adios!!!

I'm glad Luke is legally skipping school! Who needs public education? And boy I'm jealous that you got to see President Eyering in the flesh!! I bet that was so great!!! Take the perks of being a bishop's wife by the reins mom, I bet they only come around every blue moon. And dad......I'm praying for ya! hahaha!!

Lately I've been trying to figure out ways to work with the members because its slowly coming to me as a missionary that we literally can't progess His work without them, we can't do it on our own! This week has been an eye opener y durante la semana I felt like we were making lots of progress, but the prgress really shows at 11 am on Domingo. We're working hard and living right!!! I hope we can plant that seed and find others who need the good word!!!
Love you guys! until next time.
Elder Padilla

Why don't we have 3L bottles in the US?

My first in-field haircut, not too happy with it.
 I look like , according to Elder Garcia, Hoostin Beiber!

First day at church

A family we had comida with and it was one of the hermanas' birthday, they sing happy birthday different than in the US, like a different tune and everything

The bugs here...no bueno. and that's a smaller one.

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