Tuesday, December 23, 2014

18 Dec 2014 - Spanish going well

Hey so much has gone on this week I can barely remember!!
I'll start with some sad news, 
the Elder with the back problem went home this past Tuesday because he couldn't handle the pain
He prayed and felt that he needed to go back home and continue his mission there
I know that he was sent to the CCM for a reason because he strengthened mi testimonio a ton!
Yo sé que mediante de el Espiritu Santo, sentimos los sentimientos en nuestro corazónes para nuestras vidas y para la guía en nuestras vidas.
The message of the Restoration has been the ''topic of discussion'' en mi clase y mi estudias tambien.
Yo quiero todas las personas a saber de el Evangelio de Jesucristo y especialmente, la Expiación.
Me encanta este obra y sé este es donde mi Padre Celestial quiere mi a ser!!!!
Ayer fue a bit deficil,
As a district, we've been neglecting the importance of personal study and I had to be the bad guy and tell everyone to buckle down
I let them all know that I hate beating around the bush and let them know that if they weren't here to do the Lords work, why are they here?
It was followed by an ''increase in love'' but this was a great learning moment for all of us.
I love this work so much and i actually got to teach Hermana Alonso, mi maestra, la importancia de familias.
what else......
today I got to visit the temple para la tiempo segundo! Its still closed but just being on the grounds is spiritually uplifting!!!
and i got so sweet ties!!! I'm bringing zip up ties back into style!!
I cant believe I'm in week 4 of the CCM!! Lifes moving fast, and i think Ferris Buller said it best, ''if you don't take the time to stop and look around, you might miss it''
My studies have been getting better and im so digging Nephi, Helaman's son, right now!!!
God gives Nephi the sealing power to ''bind in heaven what is bond on earth''
He tells Nephi that if you want to make a moutain into smooth land, so be it!!! So cool!
oh yeah!! I'll call you guys on Christmas day (dec 25) at 2:00 pm Mexico city time, which is i believe 1:00pm Utah time but I'm not sure
I miss you guys but to be honest I forget about home most of the time when I'm out here!
Luke, is going to be the next David Archuleta! That's crazy sweet that he got to sing at the National convention of those who are able to sing, In DC!
Love you all and cant wait to talk to you guys on Christmas!! Pictures are on the way.
Feliz Navidad,
Elder Padilla

This was the night before Elder Wazden left!! (he's to my left)

me inside the visitor center

hahahaha this guy was in the middle of traffic riding his horse!! Mexico is so rad!!!

So apparently there's only a few temples in the world with the angel Moroni holding the scriptures and Mexico City is one of them.

God Bless Mexico!!!

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