Thursday, December 4, 2014

4 Dec 2014- First post from MTC

Actually everything is going great!!! So first off I´m district leader and its wayyy sweet cuz the people in my district are really spiritual!! we have 10 elders y 2 hermanas!!! the language is coming very well and my companion (Elder Afualo) is so cool!!! We have this goof ball redneck guy, Elder Loren and i thought at first that he was gonna be a hassel but turns out he has such a strong testimonio y cuando he was speaking he got everyi9ne in the room to cry!! but yeah today, Thursday is my P-day and we started off right by throwing up some iron in la gimnasio. but yeah, 

we've been teaching this investigator who comes to the CCM (MTC) to learn because he's a friend of one of the teachers aqui and tonight is his last lesson before he gets baptized so psyched to be moving along the lords work and ''reaping the harvest''. the food is like none other, frutas y completas y pollo y a few times they make spaghetti......I know right!!!! 

anyways i've made a ton of amigos aqui and our teacher, Hermana Alonso is such a spiritual power house its so, so much has gone on here it feels like i've been here for a month! the Thanksgiving devotional Elder Benar spoke and I saw Brandon H because it was broadcast from the Provo MTC!!! hahahaha that guyyy. but yeah i'm doing well....well i mean there's a sore in mouth that's been buggin me and our shower spills into the rest of the bathroom all the time, but besides that, todo bien. oh yeah so mi companero y mi live in this apartment which has three separate rooms but solo uno baño. no bueno. but anyways one of the other elders that lives with us is Elder Burke and hes from Maryland. Have you, mom or dad, ever met a Hermano o Hermana Burke? cuz they go to the DC Temple.

After week 2 we are only aloud to speak Spanish, as of right now we can speak English outside of la clase pero no hablamos ingles anywhere despues semama 2. I'll lnk some pictures of me and the gang, there's two elders y dos hermanas that are gonna be in the obregon mission con mi. cant wait! they are so rad and one of the elders ( ELder Robbins) es from Canada! he lives in Alberta somewhere i think and i asked if he knew of any Bullocks and he said '' man theres a ton of Bullocks in Canada'' haha so yeah! oh and he also said, not sure if this is true, that theres a place in one of the provinces in Canada where everyone has to keep there from doors unlocked because if their being chased by a polar bear you can run for protection en the closet house, hahahahha so crazy. i hope its true, ask Jessie about it. 

So you know how Matt calls gay guys scorpions in his mission? well here, the native elders call other elders snakes, hahaha because when a fine Sister walks by there eyes go all wide like a snake hahahhaa!! the native elders are great!! anyways yo sé la Evangelio de Jesucristo es verdadero y yo sé Dios es nuestro Padre Celestial! El Libro de Mormon es verdadero y yo sé en mi corazon, el Espiritu Santo puede testificar de la verdad a todos las personas en la tierra! can´t to hear back from yall. 

Elder Padilla 


view from room

the native elders we live with (Elder Ramos y Elder Juarez)

the "family"

other Obregon elder

me and the Canadian

the picture with the five of us in front of the sign is the missioaries going to Obregon!

the obregon crew prays for todos de los niños de Dios!

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