Tuesday, February 9, 2016

1 Feb 2016 - Special Conference... Ouchie

Dear Family,

This week was pretty great! We worked like crazy and our whole district is planning on baptizing 2 or 3 this month!

On Thursday we had a ''Special conference'' with President Munive and we'd seen a transmission that was broadcasted to all the missions in the world the past week and so we thought that we were going to talk about what we had learned and what we had applied to our areas but nope...We show up and everyones all silently studying, waiting for President and within 10 minutes he arrives with the assistants. And for one thing, we knew that something was up when the assistants showed up because they never visit with president this far south in the mission. So we're sitting there and the president starts talking to us, telling us funny stories and asking us how we're doing. hahaha And on the sacrament table the assistants start opening up the boxes and pulling out syringes and little bottles of medication. Oh man, I think one of the sisters screamed hahaha everyone started freaking out and that's when President told us ''Hey, calm down, only the missionaries who have more than 5 months have to get injected.'' and than he began to laugh because out of the 34 of us only my companion and another elder didn't have to get poked. So one by one the 6 sisters got injected and then they all left the room because all of the elders had brought there suit jackets and long sleeved shirts so the chapel turned into a locker room with all of us taking our shirts off to get it in the shoulder. The ones injecting were the two assistants and an elder who had formally be assistant, two Mexicans and an elder American. Well as we all got in line I was watching how each of them were doing it to see which was the best, or better said, which one was gonna hurt the least. The American, Elder Funk, was stabbing the elders and poking really fast so I didn't want him. The other elder, Elder Rodriguez, is really funny but he said he hadn't had practice in awhile, so he was a no. So I hop in the line for Elder Flores thinking that he'd be the most careful. hahahaha. So the elder directly in front of me gets his shot from Elder Flores and we watch it go in straight but then he says ''oh wait, I forgot to push the air out.'' and pulls it out and stabs it back in really fast, hahahahaha and in a millisecond I hop back into the line of Elder Rodriguez. I go to get mine and the elder says ''Don't look at me or I'll laugh'' so I looked away and it went pretty smoothly until he starts to take it out, his hand started to shake and so he snatches it and it came out angled. Hurt like a dog and he made me bleed. hahaha and I'm there like ''man what'd you do?'' and he says ''hey man, it happens all the time.'' and I look at the other elders and not a single one had blood dripping from their shoulder. I'm sorry to say it mom and dad, but this day I most defiantly stained my garments.

The rest of the week was pretty normal and we're super psyched!! This Saturday is Tirso's baptism!!! WOOHOOO!
I'll send pictures!
Love you all!
Elder Padilla  

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