Tuesday, April 7, 2015

6 Apr 2015 - Conference Weekend

Dear Familia,
Once again I have like zero time to talk, but yeah conference was really great this year.  I was blessed to hear 10 hours of Spanish general conference and it was so great.  I could just feel the problems and doubts that our investigators have kinda melt away.  A few of our investigator families came and watched and I could tell that the questions they had were answered, and that's enough for me. As missionaries we watched conference in the chapel and this guy named Carlos just walked in off the street and turns out he was baptized and over the past few years hes been carrying some guilt of past transgressions and I was able to talk to him about the process of repentance and give him the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet to read and study and pray about.  Im personally very grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the hope it has given me for my future and my future family. I know that only through His name we can have a family forever and as a son of God I know that my Father is just waiting for me to make those steps for Him to bless me. What greater blessing can we have than to have the ones we love around us forever? 

One night one of our appointments fell through so we went next door and found out that the mom of the Bishop's wife lives there. So she invited us in and we asked how she was doing and shared with her about the prayer and how we can recognize the promptings of the spirit haha So shes like 70ish mas o menos and so we pretty much had to yell for her to hear and we were telling her how the spirit speaks in a still small voice haha ''What?..... I said THE SPIRIT WHISPERS IN A STILL SMALL VOICE!!!!!'' hahaha shes so great though.

I'm starting to love it here, who knows, maybe I'll stay ;-)

Love you guys and hope you had a great Easter
Elder Padilla 

Navajoa Zone Conference

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