Tuesday, April 21, 2015

20 Apr 2015- Happy Birthday???

This week was so crazy! 

My birthday was pretty horrible. I'm not saying that to make you guys feel bad but it was the most stressful I've ever been on my mission, but we stayed relaxed through it all. So on Wednesday night we get a call from the assistants of the President and they tell us that we have interviews with the president tomorrow at 8am (Thursday 16 de abril). So we're like, ok cool. At 6 we wake up and bull the rush the shower, not together, and its freezing like always. (the freezing shower is starting to become a blessing the hotter the weather gets) And we dress up and saved by the bell, the president calls us at 7:25ish and tells us that our interviews are cancelled. Sweet. Not two minutes later we get a call from the Elders in the office and they tell us that I need to sign a few papers for my residency. So we take a bus to central and print out the papers that I need to sign. But turns out the signature has to look exactly the same as the signature that's on my passport. 5 hours we were in the internet cafe, sending and re-sending pictures of my signature to the office Elders and them telling us: ''nope, this loop isn't like the loop on your passport.''  They told me that if I didn't send two exact signatures, I wouldn't be allowed to stay in my mission and that I'd have to return to the states. This of course made the situation less stressful. So finally after canceling our lunch and dinner plans, I was able to get those loops looking just the right amount of loopy. It was a bit ridiculous but afterwards we ate some Burger Time. Burger Time is the bomb after a mid mission crisis. In the end of the day after working as missionaries do, my comp made me a Nutella sandwich cake and carved a 19 out of a '2' and '1' candle and sang me the Spanish version of Happy Birthday. If that's not love i don't know what is. It was a birthday that I'll never forget and looking back I can honestly say I hope I never have to be threatened of getting kicked out of the country on my birthday again. 

Turns out the milk lactose intolerance thing was a hoax. The milk and cereal diet has been restored.  But I'm feeling better, just drinking a ton water now. 

Some exciting news: two of our investigators were baptized yesterday. A mom and daughter were baptized together.  We planned their baptize right after church at 2 pm and it was really simple but the spirit was so powerful! Margarita is only 10 and was a bit nervous at first but she had a desire and I think she could feel the support and love from the other kids in the ward, it was so great. It was something really special and after the ordinance Indira gave her testimony and the spirit was so evident! I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary and bring this gospel to the lives of others that they may this chance to grow closer to their Father in Heaven. I'll be sure to attach a few photos. 

Overall a great week and we now have a new investigator and his family that we're teaching. He actually found us and is searching for a better life for his kids. Its a never ending process, the life of a missionary.  Find, teach, baptize, convert, repeat.

I'm doing well and working hard.
Love you guys
Elder Padilla 

Happy 19th Birthday!

 Indira and Margarita - Baptism day

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