Wednesday, May 20, 2015

18 May 2015 - Funny Story - District Leader now

Dear family,

Not much has changed since our last chat but I have a funny story.

So we're teaching this old man, he has 78 years, and we can only teach him one principle or point of doctrine at a time because if he teach more than he'll get all confused and forget. So we've been teaching him by using the pamphlets and he's really grown in these few weeks and he accepted a date to be baptized and so to prepare for this date he came to church with us this past Sunday. So we get settled and sit down in sacrament meeting and as the sister is going to give the opening prayer, his phone goes off and I'm thinking ''please don't answer, please don't answer, maybe he cant hear it'' but nope he not only heard it ring but he answered. oh shucks was that embarrassing, during the whole prayer, the whole ward could hear him saying ''what? what? who is this? I cant hear you? I'm in a church right now and cant talk.'' haha it was pretty funny though.

I'm super psyched for this new calling and I hope I can be of some help to those missioneras en mi distrito.
es todo.

Les amo!
Elder Padilla 

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