Tuesday, May 26, 2015

25 May 2015 - Spooky old House

Dear Family, 
these weeks are flying. The highlight of this week was when we received a referral from the sister missionaries. They gave us the name of the lady and her address on Wednesday and we went to find her on Thursday. So we arrive and we're thinking ''there's no way that this woman or, a human in general, lives here. There was a half fallen tree in-front of the door and the windows were bashed out and the yellow paint was turning to an orange brown rust color. So we knock and nothing. We knock and all of sudden the neighbor whips open his door but only a little bit and whispers at us that no one has lived here for 2 years. So we're thinking, ''alright cool, thanks sisters.'' But we take advantage of the opportunity and introduce ourselves to the sketchy man. It was sketchy because it was like 4 in the afternoon and his house was completely dark and we couldn't see his face but we chatted anyways. So we hand him a pass along card and he grumbles a thank you from his cave and snatches the card. It was like the mom on Tom and Jerry, we never saw his face but I'm sure we made his day. But the best part about it was that when we had finished conversing with Dracula, the Señora across the street offered us water and we were able to teach her and her husband the first part of lesson 2. We gave them both the pamphlet and the husband, Juan, had read it completely through by the time we'd left. Tomorrow we're going to challenge them to be baptized. I'm stoked!!
Not much has been different, but one our new zone leaders, Elder Walker, gave me a talk that helped clear things up about the way a missionary should conduct him/herself with the key indicators we have and just in general the things that aren't exactly clear for the life of a missionary. It really helped and he understands where I'm coming from because he was also called to be district leader in his 4th transfer and he's only been out 9 months and is already zone leader. Its called the Donaldson papers and it was given to a group of missionaries in Las Vegas but its applicable to missionaries all around the world.

I'm learning a lot and doing well!

Love you guys, 
Elder Padilla

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