Monday, June 15, 2015

8 Jun 2015 - Zone Conference

This week was pretty normal. 

We had a zone conference with the President and he's doing a great job motivating and encouraging us to be excited about the work in which we are so very much involved. He talked to us about how the path is straight narrow and simple, but life is not and for that reason, the path becomes less simple to follow. As missionaries we're set at a higher standard, we have more rules and norms but through these weeks with my comp I've figured out the difference between a good missionary and a great one. The difference is that one is obedient and the other one isn't. One justifies his/her own actions and other takes responsibility and changes when their actions to follow the objective of their calling. I really enjoyed the letter that was sent for us about change. I read it about 3 mins ago but I'll probably ponder it a little more later. 

I'm trying to think what we did this week but its all becoming mushed together with the lessons that we taught of months before and meals we've had with members. I don't know, this mission is just flying for me right now. I'll have spent a quarter of my mission in the same area, practically everyone here knows me, the people in the stores, the neighbors, the little rascals that steal car batteries. 

Oh yeah, so we have another new investigator and his name is Ramon. He has a sad story but its pretty straight forward. He drank too much so his wife left him. We taught Word of Wisdom and made goals with him,but near the end of the lesson he told us that there were people that were planning on or trying to kill him. I don't know what it is with these people but we're like magnets that only attract to people with problems like this. But it all made sense in the end of the lesson because during the whole time of our visit with Ramon, every time a car would pass by, all of a sudden he'd stop talking, squint his eyes and follow the car until it left. It was like those dogs on UP, ''squirrel.''

But yeah we invited him to church, he'd didn't come, still talking with my comp if we should go back or not. I think we planned on visiting him only in the mornings because according to my comp, people only die in the movies in the night time. Sounds about right.

Well I'm now teaching English to about half the ward with the help of another American sister missionary from California, its hard not to laugh sometimes because of their accents.

I love you guys,
Mom keep up the good work,
Dad, keep up the good work,
Luke, stop looking like me.
Your favorite Mexican,
Elder Padilla

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