Sunday, October 18, 2015

12 Oct 2015 - I'm doing really well and learning lots of good knowledge.

Dear Family,

This week and month we've been really focused on how we can work better with the members. We've tried planing activities and encouraging them to have the ward counsels but if an area 70 comes i'm not going to be surprised. 

Some of the members still have this crazy idea that the missionaries do everything. 
We watched a video this past week in our zone conference that talked about how the missionaries are here to help the members fulfill their responsibilities to activate, baptize and find, not the other way around.
So this week its our job to show this video to all the members and let it cut where it cuts. I'm not bashing because there are those who are super excited to help us but what we're learning right now is that if we're not 100 percent with all the members working together, the work can not move forward.

We're teaching this lady and she's super funny and super ready to be baptized, she just doesn't know it yet. 
When we asked her if she'd ever prayed to God to know what is the truth she said ''No, and you wanna know why? Its because if I do, he'll send me trials of my faith and I don't want that.'' hahaha
shes super hilarious and super honest with us but we just need to help her find a beginning to learn to trust in God. Because we explained that no matter if we ask God or not, we're going to have challenges in our life, the only thing we're inviting her to do is accept God's Holy Ghost in her life to help you through these difficulties.

It was a little sad this zone conference because a few of my good buddies are heading home for mission impossible 2 ''Temple Marriage''.  One is Elder Ramos, one of my comps and the other is Elder Juarez, my second district leader.

I'm doing really well and learning lots of good knowledge.
I've started to read the Jesus the Christ book again. It's pretty cool the few sentences that I've understood. 

Oh man hahaha almost forgot,
So we were eating lunch at a members house yesterday and her husband isn't member. They're both 25 or 30 years old, not really sure, but we start to talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them and she leaves because the baby starts to cry and so we continue. When we get to Endure to the end, he asks ''Endure to the end? Does this include if, for example: one person who is married goes off to dance with another man or woman who his or her wife or husband doesn't know and returns like nothing this enduring to the end?'' and I said ''I think there should be unity, communication and understanding in every relationship.'' nothing more. And he yelled ''I knew it!!! HONEY (yelling to his wife) Get in here! You need to hear this!!!'' So without knowing I'd started a family feud and he thought that I was siding with him and wow was that uncomfortable hahaha. but we explained everything and I guess we'll see if we have food to eat this next Sunday. pray for us. haha

I love  you all And I hope you are ''milking it for all its worth'' to have a temple close by. :'(

Elder Padilla

They both leave 24 of Oct

We had a birthday party/zone conference. Woo!

The baptism from a few weeks back. RICHARD!!! aka Ricardo


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