Monday, November 2, 2015

19 Oct 2015 - Bishop Campaign?

haha Luke had pink eye?
Didn't Matt say something about pink eye one time when we played the spray bottle game in family home evening. 
poor guy.

Dear family,
this week was so killer.
we're working by force now with the members and we've been doing pretty good. 
there was only one day that we didn't have a member with us and it was because we had interviews with the president and had to take an hour ride bus trip to get there. 

Our investigator this week was struggling a little bit to believe that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
He lives with his sister, whose a member, and he told us the other day that he believes that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God but he just hasn't received his answer yet. So we've been praying a ton for him and I think our prayers were answered in the Gospels principles class that we had. The Bishop taught the class and the topic was ''The Scriptures''. it was perfect.
There was a bunch of new members that bore there testimonies of The Book of Mormon and the power that it has and the change it has made in their lives! BOOM!
We have an appointment with him tomorrow so we'll see what happens but my comp and I both feel like he's ready. WOOHOO!
These weeks are flying. Someone once told me that the first year is pretty slow but the second is really fast. But man if the first year is slow? I'll be coming home next week. 

So the sisters in our district are having trouble finding new investigators because their Bishop has been less active for 3 years, haha not sure why they haven't called a new one, and so our district went to their area and contacted the people in the street for a couple hours. haha We found some guy fixing his motorcycle and he said we could share something with him. Haha we was so funny.
He said ''look I've read the catholic bible, the Jewish bible, the Mormon bible and the Jehovah's witnesses' bible..and you know what? Tithing is a lie. If you guys study a little harder you guys can know for yourselves as well.'' hahaha. He was really funny but it was not a minute later that he had opened his mouth to tells us that than we were up and out of there. Bless his heart.

Hahaha there's a brother in our ward named Julio and he's super short but super funny. And since our Bishop is going to move he's started a ''campaign'' to run for Bishop. I don't think he understands how it really works, someone should probably tell him. 

I'm enjoying the mission but the weather still isn't cooling down too much. We've got our fingers crossed for this next week.  

Love you guys mucho
Elder Padilla

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