Monday, November 23, 2015

16 Nov 2015 - Loving Mission Life- One Year Done!!

Hi Family,

The mission is so great right now!
We're struggling with a few families, trying to get them married but they're doing good!
We celebrated the year mark of both Elder Reyes and I and it was HOT! (if you know what I mean ;).. haha no, you'll understand when you see the video
He turned one on the 11th and I still got until the other week but we're both very happy to have completed the first year.
So Matt's home or what?
I guess I'll be able to see him in the video chat that we have on Christmas,
But yeah about the car wash, it was super successful! We only washed one car but we had a lot of fun!!
I didn't remember what type of soap to use or if it even mattered so we mixed hand soap with tap water and we made that baby shine. It was a bit crazy, the guy just gave us his keys and took off. haha 

That's cool that Tim is campin' out with you guys, tell him I say hi!!

I saw the picture of my new nephew, what a card.

Well we're doin' great and enjoying the weather! 

Love you guys,
Elder Padilla

( This link may not work as it is restricted to family only)

1 Year down, 1 to go...

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