Tuesday, January 5, 2016

24 Nov 2015 - Happy Thanksgiving - One Year Mark

Dear Family, 

Sorry I wasn't able to write yesterday. It was so nuts. Yesterday I went to renew my visa in a place called Guaymus. Guaymus is in the Hermosillo mission and so we had to leave our mission boundaries just to get there. My area is the lowest part in the mission and Hermosillo is above our mission, so I'm sure you can only imagine how many hours I was in the bus. But if you can't imagine, I'll tell you...It was 16 hours. 8 up and 8 to get back.

This week we're so pumped to baptize a family that we've been teaching for a bit now. They know almost everyone in the ward and have been to church a few times!! The mission is so great and I can't believe that I've already hit my year mark. Its so fast and its funny because when you want it to go by fast, it never does. But now that I'm getting used to everything I want the time to go slower.

I almost forgot that Thanksgiving exists. They don't have anything in the stores here. After Halloween they jumped straight to Christmas, haha

I miss you all!
Love, Elder Padilla.

Gotta see "Pops"

Mission Hermosillo! 

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