Tuesday, January 19, 2016

18 Jan 2016 - Transfers... Not this time...

Dear Family,

Everything is going great!
We had transfers today and wouldn't you know it, I'm still in the same area. I've been here in Guamuchil for 6 months and I'll be here another month and a half to finish training Elder Alvarenga. So in 15 months I'll only have been in 2 different areas...sweet..

I'm actually a little pumped because my district in now all Elders, 100% Priesthood, woohoo!! 
We'll have to see how it goes though because of the 8 of us, 4 are going home this next transfer.

So Tirso is progressing better than the ''investigators'' on the district videos. Sometimes its hard to believe what he saying because its crazy how fast he's progressing.  We invited him to church and he went and now after the third week he stopped going to the Catholic church. We taught the Word of Wisdom and within a week he stopped smoking and threw out his coffee. We taught the Law of Chastity and after 5 days he left his ''partner'' and stood up for himself when one of his friends invited him to break the commandment.  We taught him the steps of prayer and he's been praying every night and morning and hes stopped saying the repetitive prayer that they do to the Virgen Guadalupe. We invited him to be baptized and asked '' What clothes will I need'' We gave him a picture of the Temple of Guadalajara and he put it in his room where he always sees it because that's his goal! He's so great!!  We're really excited for him and that our president left us both in this area to help him progress towards the temple!

This week has been pretty normal, but something funny that happened this week was when one of our investigators heard that we were going to have transfers and started to tell us things like, ''I love you guys'' and ''you guys are the best'' and ''I wish you were my kids......my kids never visit me..'' and ''please don't leave''. She wanted to cry but didn't , it was super weird but super funny. and then after the prayer, coming outta no where gave my companion a hug and he practically slapped her in the face!! hahahaha my poor companion...he's still learning hahaha. then after this it was super awkward because with me she shook my hand and her hand was really sweaty. 

Well I'm doing good and we're enjoying our time here, I'm really wishing for more time. 10 months is going to fly.
Love you guys!
Elder Padilla 

Out with the Home Teachers

Tirso is the one with the Stach

Bunk-bed mania.!

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