Tuesday, January 12, 2016

11 Jan 2016 - Wisdom Teeth and Miracles...

Dear Family, 

So today was super crazy, we totally left the house thinking that I was going to get my tooth pulled.
We got on a bus and headed to Los Mochis, its an area like 2 hours from my area and we get there and the center is like a mini New York City, pretty cool
And we call the doctor and he gives us his address and take a taxi to get to his house. Turns out his office is right below the apartment of the Elders that live there so he knows a ton about us and what we do.
So I get seated and he checks it and is just about to go to work when I realized ''Hey I forgot to tell him what the doctor from Virginia said about my jaw being thin and stuff'', so I tell him and he flips, hahahaha
Like ''WHAAAATTT...????'' haha
He took x-rays and told me ''wow thanks for telling me, I could've done some real damage.'' 
He showed me the x-rays and whats happening is that my wisdom tooth on my right side is already protruding through the skin but its sticking out diagonally, but the one on my left side stilll hasn¿t broken the skin, kinda weird.
So he asked me how much time I have left in the mission and I said like 10 months and he said, ''Oh don't worry, the pain can't be that bad, here's some ibuprofen.'' and now I'm back in Guamuchil. WOOhoo. haha
But I am super glad that I didn't get it taken out because it would've been a pain in the neck.

So we're teaching this guy named Tirso and he's been smoking his whole life and the other day we fearlessly taught the Word of Wisdom. We told him to finish reading the pamphlet and to pray about it and he told us ''Well I've never prayed to God to help me to quit smoking, maybe if I try it, something will happen, we'll have to see.'' So this was Thursday and we went back to visit on Saturday and he told us the craziest thing.

He told us that he'd read the pamphlet like 3 times and he started to read the Book of Mormon but he couldn't stop thinking about the pamphlet. And so went to sleep and he had a dream. In his dream he was in a big field and he was with his wife, (HIs wife died 8 years ago and has only dreamed about her one time since her death and it was a while ago), and a bunch of other families sitting at a long table all happy and stuff. And in the dream he takes out a cigar and lights it and all of a sudden all the people get up and head for the river that's like 30 yards from where he's at. And so he yells to his wife like '' Hey why'd you all get up and leave?'' and she responded ''The smoke of your cigar smells bad''
And so he says ''oh well'' and is about to smoke the cigar when he looks up and sees the temple of Guadalajara. So i guess when he got heart surgery 3 months ago, he went to Guadalajara and we he left the hospital the first thing he saw was the temple and it caught his attention. But yeah he saw the temple in his dream!!! And then he told us that after he saw the temple that we went to smoke the cigar but then he woke up, crazy right?

Miracles exist!! He told us that this was a sign from God and that he's willing to learn more and get baptized, His baptismal date is for the 6th of February WOOHOO!

Love you guys!!
Elder Padilla

Zone Conference

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