Tuesday, January 5, 2016

8 Dec 2015 - Trainer Again

Dear Family, 

I'm super happy right now,
I'm a trainer again and I am super happy because he is of the country El Salvador, like my other son. now I have two son del Salvador.

These weeks have been flying and I'm still in Guamuchil. My new companion is named Elder Alvarenga. He's like squidward and flat stanley put together. I don't have pictures but the next week I'll send them. 
He's super obedient and I know we're gonna have the opportunity to give Heavenly Father a gift this Christmas that He won't forget, One of His children to return to HIs presence, how special.

I am very grateful for you guys and I got a little home sick the other day but I feel better now. Don't worry ;)

I miss you guys a bunch and I'm enjoying my time in the vineyard.

I love you guys 
Elder Padilla

Pictures from when we went to Guaymus.

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