Tuesday, January 5, 2016

28 Dec 2015 - Happy New Year

Dear Family,

Last week was so great and it was awesome to see you guys again!!

Thanks for all the family pictures, everyone looks a little bigger, or hairier in Marc's case.

The mission is so exciting right now with the Christmas spirit and everyone is so happy. It's also really crazy to see and talk to all the people who have no idea why we celebrate Christmas. My area is full of people who follow the traditions of their parents and don't really have a knowledge of why they do what they do. 

Lately I've really been studying the life of Christ in the Bible and been trying to increase not only my testimony but my knowledge of Him and His mission. Many people don't even know that Jesus established His church when He came and that that was part of His earthly ministry. 

I'm grateful for our prophet Thomas S. Monson who helps us to understand the revelation given to the prophets of old so that today in our days we might be guided and directed.

That's awesome that Matt was able to stand in the circle for the baby blessing, I bet that was pretty sweet.
And not gonna lie, I had to look up what Settlers of Catan was....kids these days with their calculators..

So jumping topics...
I can totally feel my wisdom tooth growing in, the one in the right, lower side. It's not uncomfortable or anything like that but I can see it now. I guess we'll have to see what happens. I'm gonna pray that I can wait to get home to take it out because there's an elder in my district that got a wisdom tooth taken out and the doctor practically broke his jaw...but now thinking about it, it'd be like 2 birds and 1 stone for me ;) haha just kidding. 

Our landlord says hi and Merry Christmas.

Love you guys a ton.

Elder Padilla

The latinos are my zone leaders and the other elder is in my district. 
The Christmas activity 

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