Sunday, October 18, 2015

21 Sep 2015 - Be happy, Be Mormon!

Dear family, 

These days are flying, can't believe that I'm going to hit my 10 month mark this week. Mexico is so great. Recently we've been finding people of pure gold, they're really excited about our message. My comp Elder Reyes and I work really well together and he's so great!! Whenever we get down about an appointment that gets canceled or something like that we're able to keep the energy and try as hard as we can to find someone new. What we're doing right now is finding and leaving. If the people we teach don't progress within a 2 week period, we leave them because we're wasting our time and there are people that are waiting for us today, not in two or three weeks. 

We had a baptism this past Saturday his name is Ricardo. His wife and son were baptized and now all three plus the 2 year old daughter can prepare one year to be sealed as an eternal family. There is nothing better in this life and nothing better in this work than to see those who are willing and ready to make these sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father. I know that God loves us. I know that the greatest prophet who ever lived is Jesus Christ and that through him all mankind will be saved if we come unto Him with our broken hearts and our spirits contrite. 
Luke, if you haven't started to prepare for your mission now, start. Make a goal. Pray for the opportunity to share the gospel with a friend and then be ready to do so. Read the Book of Mormon and gain a testimony of the divinity and power of it. Study, if nothing more, chapter 3 of Preach my gospel and share the lessons with mom and dad in family home evening. I hear Matt will be home soon, he can help you practice. Be a light little brother. I miss you and hope that by the time I get home we can go on a double date or something. ;)

Before my mission I didn't realize how much the members are truly evolved in the work of salvation. I thought it was the work of the missionaries and when they called I'd help out for an hour or so and that'd be it but now as a missionary my point of view has flipped and we really depend on them as much as they do on us. The hastening of the work has already started and Heavenly Father is counting on us to minister to those who don't have what we have. I hope that everyone whose last name is Padilla can offer a prayer this week in specific to ask for opportunities to share the gospel whether it be in New York, Canada, Spanish Fork, Farmington, Idaho, Osbourn Park or with our friends at work. We pray with faith and real intent, He gives with confidence. Be happy, Be Mormon!

I love you guys mucho!
Elder Padilla

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