Wednesday, September 16, 2015

14 Sep 2015 - re-dedication of the Temple in Mexico City

Dear Family, 

This week was so great! 

As a mission we were able to see the re-dedication of the temple in Mexico City and also the cultural session beforehand. It was transmitted to our various buildings so we were able to invite our investigators. Haha so you know how before you iron a shirt its all wrinkley, well ''to iron'' in Spanish,well here in my area, the people say planchar. And they people use it to say, for example, ''Oh he planched you'' to mean ''Oh he yelled at you or corrected your behavior''. Its like when the president has ''Special interviews'' with those missionaries that are doing  things that they shouldn't. So I tell you this because when our investigators went to the cultural meeting, they received the ''planch'' of a lifetime. hahaa because in the cultural meeting there was a part where it talked about the importance of attending the church and they felt really bad because in the past they were a little lazy about attending..hahha oh well.

Today I received my new companion, his name is Elder Reyes and he has one month more than me in the mission and he's from Puebla, Mexico. Hahaha he reminds me of Matt because you'll ask him for example, ''Can you bring me a fork please?'' and he'll look you right in the eyes and say ''no''. hahah but then he'll leave and return with the fork laughing and then he'll say in his English '' Elder Padilla, why are you crying?'' hahaha This guy..

We're super super psyched for this family that we're teaching right now. This Saturday we're going to baptize the father, Richard, and as a family they'll wait a year to prepare to enter the temple to be sealed. He's so spiritual, he just has a bit of trouble expressing himself.

Ha the people here are so nuts sometimes. The other day we went to the house of the sister whose husband died a few weeks ago. She's doing really well and also is preparing to enter the temple by the way, WHOO! But we entered the house to give some service and we receive a message. The message says'' Hey, I'd like to receive a Book of Mormon and visits to learn about how I can know God.'' We were like, ''NO WAY!!!!!'' so Elder Guardado calls him up and hahahahha my comp's face expressed everything hahaa. At first he was all happy and then he looked puzzled and then he looked sad hahaha

So this guy starts to talk and to my comp and tells him when we can visit and if it'd be possible if the ''handsome young man can visit'' haha oh man and then he tells my comp that he has problems and my comp says ''thats okay, we can help you '' and then he says ''I'm gay'' and then my comp says ''ok, when would you be free for us to visit'' and the he says ''can I be in my underwear when you guys visit?'' hahahaha my comp hung up and told me to erase the address he gave us hahahaha, we were sooooo bummed..

This week we were able to talk with a lot of new people and we found many that are ready to swim.
I'm loving mexico and can't believe Elder Smatt will be home in these next few months.

I love you all.

Elder Padilla

Ps. Ms. Cabello? I heard she really likes it when you talk when she's trying to talk. haha ;)

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