Sunday, July 26, 2015

19 Jul 2015 - Guitars and Mosquitoes

Hi Family,

This week was killer. So the guy who plays the guitar told us the other night that he wants to be a missionary and he told us that he's been studying the Book of Mormon and Bible like crazy to understand the ''Word of God''. We're shooting for the last day in the month to baptize him but we'll just have to wait and see. But last night we were in his house and he had his guitar out after the lesson and he played La Bamba and I was singing as well as I thought I could and next thing wouldn't you know it, I was drawing a crowd like a light-bulb does to the mosquitoes here. The neighbors were like ''Hey that's not half bad'' and the family came out and we talked with them and the mom made us some hot tamales. This was a little piece of heaven because it was Sunday and our fridge was more bare than that man that walks around New York with the guitar. maybe I'll stay here a little while after these two years and join a mariachi band.

But hey, I'm syked for Mr. Craig and that he's interested to read. That's super cool. 

So we found a little family of three the other day and the dad of the family has my same name and loves to rap in English. He asked me what some of the words meant in one of the songs he likes but about half of them were curse words, hahaha. I just said, ''oh yeah. uhhh don't say that one.''  We taught about the family and they were super interested and accepted a baptism. We're looking at mid August with them but wow, the Lord really puts those people in your path that are ready.

Being a missionary rocks. 
Elder Padilla  

This is the after* haircut picture

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