Monday, July 6, 2015

22 Jun 2015 - New Trainer

Hey family, 

So these past few days have been pretty crazy. Yes, I'm a trainer now. Yes, I'm still the English teacher. Yes, I'm still the district leader. and Yes, I'm still in the same area since I entered the mission field. I practically said goodbye to the entire ward last Sunday so this Sunday will be a little weird. hahaha ''Gotcha, still hear.''  I honestly thought that I was going to be transferred but I guess there's still some work here to do.

 Its my second day on the job as a trainer and its soo fun!! My comp's name is Elder Rivera. He's so great! He's from El Salvador!!! He's 21 and he was baptized 2 years ago. He already knows English so we work really well together and can understand each other really well!! Its crazy to think that I'm the ''old'' one now! Its so great though! Hahaha we went straight to street contacting today after our district meeting and we contacted 2 buses!!! I keep telling him, ''the more fear you have, the more buses we're going to contact'' so I think he's learning hahaha poor guy!! 

The woman that we baptized in April is getting ready to enter the temple this Saturday and I'm so psyched!!! We gave her a present the other day when visited to have a family home evening. We gave her a framed picture of her baptism and she was practically crying and it was so special and I just thank my Father in Heaven for allowing me to be a part of this whole process! This week we're helping her and another recent convert to gather the names of their family members so that they can do the work for them. Its bittersweet because of the excitement that they have to enter the temple but the temple doesn't fall within our mission boundaries so we cant go ):

I don't have any crazy stories this week but gimme a couple days and we'll see what happens!!

Much love from your favorite Mexican!!!

Elder Padilla 

My beloved son

like my dew? my comp cut my hair on the last day of our transfer.

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