Monday, July 6, 2015

29 Jun 2015 - The Work Progresses

Dear Family, 

This week was so great, we've found a ton of new people to teach and we've really buckled down as a zone on our obedience. My comp and I are super psyched for the investigators and families that we're teaching right now because they're progressing a ton!!! Also, we were invited and from now on we're going to be working more and more with ward council so that all faculties of the ward can work as one, as it should be. Elder Rivera knows a ton of the historical background of the Bible and all that, so his biggest problem is teaching the basics. I had this problem too, wanting to teach everything I knew but we need to remember as missionaries that some of these people have never heard of these things in their lives.  

Being a trainer, more than anything else, has given me a new perspective. My companion is 21 but he repeats the words I say and he repeats the things I do. Its like being at home with Luke again. But its really helped me become someone more responsible and think before I speak. There's a section in Preach my Gospel chapter 10 that talks about listening. It talks about listening with our heart as well as our mind. It says that when we listen we won't have to think about the things that we'll have to say, but the Holy Ghost will put these things in our mind in the precise moment when they're needed. I'm so grateful for the companionship of the Holy Spirit as I walk and study and teach. That I can know that if I'm doing the things that the Lord has asked of me, I become the vessel for the Lord and the words and questions and feelings that He has prepared for each and everyone of His children. I feel so very blessed to be born into a family that has the everlasting gospel. Here, there's a ton of religions and a ton of confusion and I just think to my self and thank my Father in Heaven for the blessings and preparation I'd had to prepare myself to become a missionary. 

I feel very comfortable as a missionary and I'm truly enjoying the mission. I cant believe I've been out here for 7 months already. Time flies. 

I love you guys. 

Elder Padilla   

We used the powder of the cake to make pan cakes. Yeah, it was awesome. 

Found a spider.

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