Friday, April 15, 2016

11 Apr 2016 - 119 Bowlling

Dear family,

Well we're really cooking here in Obregon!! Our zona baptized the most this past month in March so we went bowling as a zone today!! Super sick! I killed them all, ya boy bowled a 119 game. (;

This past week was super fast and very fun. So there's a pair of elders in our district that have been finding pure 9 year olds and have been baptizing them within like two weeks. For example: in these past 3 weeks they've baptized like 8 or 9, 9 year olds!! hahaha Its so crazy and the president had an interview with them and he asked them ''Aren't you afraid of them going inactive, because they're only kids..?'' And they responded and said, ''We've reactivated 7 families..their kids' baptisms was exactly what the parents needed to return to the church! So cool!!

Well don't have that much time...I'll send pictures!!
Love you all!!
and yeah I know...Imma be 20. weird right?
Elder Padilla

P.s. this video is super popular!

7 in a taxi...its cheaper that way.

Bowling with the district. 

Zona Nainari!

Dinner with the family..we ate spaghetti, that's why i have the shirt on.

The zona meeting.

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