Friday, April 15, 2016

28 Mar 2016 - Easter

Dear Family!

Yes we are very busy and I apologize for not writing. 

So this week was super killer! We Baptized Ignacio!!!! It was so so great! All of the non-member family members were there at his baptism, like 50 people!!!
Me, my comp and the other set of sister missionaries were taking down referrals like no body's business.
The baptism went really well and was super funny because the stake president's counselor was the one that performed the ordnance and by accident he said his name wrong and so we had to do it again and when we told him that we were going to do the ordnance another time he said ''What? Again?!'' and then smiled and said ok let's do it. hahaha but yeah the spirit was way strong.

Apart from that the week was pretty normal. 
We've been helping the members in the ward to share the video and spirit of the Easter season! We've been pretty successful the only thing about this time of Easter is that everyone and their dog goes to the beach for the week. Here they call it ''Semana Santa'' (Holy week) but it is the time of the year when the people drink the I'm not sure what that's all about but its defiantly not ''holy''..

We're having a ton of fun here in Bellavista!!!

I love you all!! 
I liked the picture of the Savior of the World! Wish I coulda seen it!
Elder Padilla

Fotos del bautismo :3

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