Friday, April 15, 2016

4 Apr 2016 - Conference

Dear Family,

The Conference was super great and a really good turn out. There were over 100 members and investigators there watching. So in the chapel they had it playing in Spanish and in the baptize room it was being transmitted in English. We watched all of Saturday in English and watched the Sunday sessions in Spanish because an investigators came. It was funny because when we had realized that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland still hadn't spoken yet and it was the last session everyone started getting all antsy and when they had announced that he was going to be last there was a big gasp in the room hahahaha ..

I liked the talk of Myrvin B. Arnold about ''Rescuing the less actives''. Super powerful and super exactly what me and Elder Walhstrom are trying to focus on right now!! The talks were really great and very powerful! 
And we weren't the only ones. We had a great experience with one of the recent converts that we're visiting. We invited Virginia to go to conference with a question in mind and listen attentively for the answer in one of the talks. She only went to one of the 5 sessions and she testified so powerfully that she knows without a doubt that these men are called of God. Its so awesome to see the testimony grow in each and every one of the people we teach whether it be less active, recent convert, investigator..etc.. It's like being a parent I imagine..

Something else that me and my comp are trying right now is to get all the young men reactivated and going out with the missionaries so that they can also go on missions. We've been doing pretty good but i think the hardest part right now is trying to convince them that the mission is more important than their girlfriends....Luke, watch out..They'll getcha. 

We have an activity planned for April 15 to watch the Meet the Mormons movie. There's been a new burst of excitement in our area of people wanting to hear about the gospel so as a ward council we decided that this would be something fun and attractive for those that want to come for the first time. 

Love you guys tons and thanks for the package!! That tie was bien suave!!


Elder Padilla

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