Friday, April 15, 2016

14 Mar 2016 - Sisters, Sisters,Sisters...

Dear Family,

These weeks fly so fast, even faster than before believe it or not.

Well Pretty much this whole week in the mornings we've gone with the Elder and Sister Downs (They're the married couple and office missionaries) to do surprise attacks on the missionaries of our zone to check if their houses are ''Worthy''.......aka. clean. We freak out just about all of them but I'm proud of them for being relatively clean.

So something funny happened the other day. So we had contacted some girl in the street like in her 20's and she said that she lives with her husband and that we could visit. So we set a date to visit. The day came and we got there on time and knocked and she opened up and invited us in. She went to wake up her husband but he took a long time to get up. So we sang a hymn and said a prayer and by the time we finished he had opened to join us. When he saw us he started walking really fast and so to not be rude I stood up to shake his hand. He shook my hand and said '' Look this is whats going to happen. We're Catholic, we're not Mormon, if we want you to visit again we'll call. He went to the door to unlock it but my comp and I were thinking that he was going to lock it to trap us in and kill us. Then he started counting and so we grabbed our stuff and got outta there. Man! This guy was super psycho. I thought we were gonners. So we kicked the dust off our shoes and washed our hands on their door step so the destroying angel wouldn't pass them by.....hahaha  just kidding.   

This transfer has probably been and will probably be the craziest and most fun of all of them! 

The other day we get a call from a sister from our ward and she says ''Hey I need you guys to baptize my dad. He's 88 years old and is super fragile and is probably going to die soon, I don't want him to go with Satan.'' Shes so funny but yeah we have his baptism set for this Saturday and between the 4 of us (me, Elder Wahlstrom, her husband and the bishop) we're gonna baptism him. He can't move so that's why we're gonna have to do a team effort. I'm super pumped!!!

Well I'm greatly for the confidence of my Heavenly Father and for the wonderful parents He gave me. Love you guys so much!!

I'm glad the MTC activity was a success, its pretty difficult here sometimes to get the youth excited about serving a mission. 

I love you guys and I love being a missionary.

8 more months(:
Elder Padilla 

The process of the Harvest.

Family Business

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